A Russian tank manufacturer has unveiled a new tram design that it plans to start mass-producing in 2015. These beautiful pieces of engineering will hold 190 to 270 passengers and will be able to traverse on even the older, worn out Russian tram tracks.

Read more about the so-called “Batmobile” trams…

I rarely have an appreciation for anything Russian that comes from the 20th century or sooner, but this just made my day.

Dracula Untold (2014) contents:
65% Game of Thrones:
Jon Snow v. 2.0
Vampiric Tywin Lannister (note to Tyrion: next time use silver-tipped crossbow bolts)
Rickon Stark is finally king
Recycled Stark armor
Recycled Lannister armor
Discarded concept for Targaryen armor
Cersei/Myrcella v.2.0
More Tywin Lannister

15% Lord of the Rings:
Ring on a chain tormenting the hero
Hero being tempted by Ash Nazg Durbatuluk chant
Retreat from a castle to a stronger castle in the face of an enemy horde, Helm’s Deep style, complete with a raid

10% generic fantasy cliches
Hero climbs a mountain and enters a cave to obtain power to stop his enemies
(Anti-)hero getting witch-hunted
Hero casting an AoE damage spell by punching the ground with a three-point landing
Hero’s wife dies to give him motivation for a last attack
Every non-Turk character uses a standard issue medieval Western European longsword

5% actual vampirism and darkness

4% Turkish soldiers, no historically accurate janissaries in sight

1% Sultan’s son with swag haircut, Azis style



Tron headcanon:

I like to think that Tron 2.0 is at least somewhat canon, that Jet Bradley accessed the Grid, created Beck and Cyrus to be the next system monitors, then tried to patch them with upgrade discs and give them ISO-like properties such as creativity (notice the…

@allronix Yeah, Decomposite Character is possible. But since jet is born in 1982 (yes, Sam’s age), he is around 21 in 2003 when Tron 2.0 happens. From then, I lean on the following headcanon:

About time measurements in TRON, I’ve read some rules on the profiles of some users on that I can’t agree with. So I decided to make some calculations:

In Legacy, Flynn says a milicycle is about 8 hours. Let’s try to calculate how much a cycle, microcycle and nanocycle are:

Cycles to years: 1C = 1000mC = 8000h = 8000h/24h = 333.33333 days = around 11 months = 8000/(24*365.25) = 0.91262 years.

Microcyles to minutes: 1μC = 0.001mC = 8h/1000 = 8*3600s/1000 = 28.8s = half a minute.

Nanocycles to seconds: 1nC = 0.001μC = 0.0288s

So it’s safe to say that “several microcycles” is twice the time in minutes, and “a nanocycle” is a split second.

Based on these calculations, and Castor saying that Clu has been looking for Flynn’s disc for (more than) a thousand cycles, it can be said that Flynn has been on the Grid for around 1000 years.

If we go by the headcanon that Beck is created by Jet Bradley (which sort of makes him Tron’s son) and accept Tron 2.0 as broad strokes canon (despite Disney treating it as canon discontinuity), we can assume the following: Jet Bradley entered the Grid in 2003. This is 14 years after Flynn’s disappearance in 1989. If 20 years in the real world are approximately 1000 years on the Grid, this places Tron Uprising roughly 600 or 700 years after Clu’s coup.

So, 400 years or so is rather a long time from Uprising to Legacy. And the 600-700 years before that are enough for the coup and the ISO war to happen.